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In Motorcycle Accidents Helmets Protects Motorcyclists and Their Families

Recovery of Wrongful Death Damages More Likely in Michigan Motorcycle Accidents when Helmet is Worn If they had been wearing their helmets, 26 fewer Michigan motorcyclists would have died in motorcycle accidents last year, according to figures report… Read More
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Michigan Motorcycle Injury Claim Costs Up 22% Due to Weakened Helmet Laws

As predicted by many people, Michigan highways have experienced a dramatic increase in motorcycle fatalities and injuries since last year’s change in state laws regarding motorcycle helmets. No longer required to wear helmets, many motorcyclists in… Read More
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Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accident Claims

When a motorcyclist is injured in an accident, lawsuits and insurance claims must be brought before the statute of limitations expires. Failure to do so means the injury victim can’t recover damages resulting from the injury, including medical bill… Read More
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Motorcycle-Car Crashes: Bikes Have a Right to the Road Too

Motorcyclists have the same right to roadways as drivers of cars and trucks. Yet lack of awareness of motorcycles by automobile drivers is still a problem throughout the nation and in many other countries as well. Statistically speaking, in motorcycl… Read More
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California Man Wants $250,000 for Motorcycle Accident

Eugene Duke has filed a personal injury claim against Huntington Beach for a motorcycle accident near a railroad crossing. He is asking for a compensation of $250,000 because the accident left him with serious facial injuries and permanent impaired v… Read More
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