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Railroad/FELA Litigation

Our attorneys care about protecting workers. As a railroad worker, you are often exposed to hazardous conditions. While some jobs and careers carry more risk than others, everyone is entitled by law to a reasonably safe work environment, and, by law, no railroad worker can be found to have "assumed the risks of his employment" if an injury is sustained as a result of his employer's negligence.

While most workers injured on the job have only Worker's Compensation as a legal remedy for an injury, under federal law, railroad workers have the option to hold the "common carrier" liable for negligence if such negligence was the cause of the worker's injury.

Our personal injury attorneys will review the facts of your case, and discuss with you any legal remedies available. These types of cases have a statute of limitation of three years, so we urge you to contact us immediately after sustaining an injury while working on the railroad.

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