Slip-and-Fall Accidents

If you have been injured on property owned by a business or another person, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Unsafe Conditions

Premises liability claims are generally brought as a result of unsafe conditions on property that directly lead to personal injury. While some cases involve a "slip and fall" or "trip and fall," many premises liability claims arise from defective stairs and railings, violation of building codes, violation of leases, as well as substandard materials and workmanship.

"Open and Obvious"

Michigan case law is becoming increasingly critical of these claims, and many are defended and dismissed by application of the concept of "open and obvious" wherein the courts hold that despite a defective or dangerous condition of the land, that no duty arises on the part of the landowner if the injured persons should have seen and avoided the condition. There are certain exceptions to this judicially created rule and lack of duty, and we will review your specific facts to determine if we can help you.

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There is usually a three-year statute of limitations in regard to these claims, so we urge you to contact our Detroit personal injury attorneys today. For more information on past Michigan cases, please view our Case Summaries page.

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