California Man Wants $250,000 for Motorcycle Accident

Eugene Duke has filed a personal injury claim against Huntington Beach for a motorcycle accident near a railroad crossing. He is asking for a compensation of $250,000 because the accident left him with serious facial injuries and permanent impaired vision.

Duke, 56, was riding his bike over railroad tracks in the city when his front tires became trapped between two rubber surface mats causing him to fall of the bike head first into the concrete. Duke suffered serious facial injuries, including fractured cheekbones that need reconstructive surgery and a fractured right thumb in need of surgical repair. He also claims that his vision is impaired.

In his claim, Duke is seeking $250,000. His personal injury attorney alleges that the city failed to properly inspect and maintain the surface mats. City officials say the claim is currently under review.

Motorcyclists only have their protective clothing and helmet to protect them during a traffic crash. Thus, a fall from a bike can result in serious injuries. It is up to the city (or whichever entity who is tasked with this responsibility) to maintain roads and other areas so that cyclists and motorists can travel safely. According to the Cents for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), more than 500,000 people in the US are treated in emergency rooms as a result of bicycle-injuries.

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