Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are at a greater risk of being hit and injured by negligent drivers. The lack of protection makes pedestrians susceptible to a number of serious consequences that may affect the future. It is imperative to know and understand your rights when injured in a pedestrian accident.

Our Michigan car accident attorneys have in-depth experience in drunk driving laws, rules of the road, and have the skills to litigate any personal injury claim resulting from a pedestrian accident. By contacting our attorneys, you ensure yourself of quality legal advice, who will fight to get you the remuneration you deserve.

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Over 100,000 pedestrian are struck by a vehicle each year in the United States. Many times, these injuries end up with complications that involve costly surgeries, months’ worth of therapy, and other medical procedures to correct. Some injuries may completely debilitate an individual, which in turn causes family members to suffer through the loss of income and companionship. Injuries from pedestrian accidents may result in:

The pedestrian accident lawyers at our law firms have made it their purpose to protect you in court, to fight for your rights, and to get you the financial coverage you need in order to put your life back in order. Your focus should be on healing, our focus is to give you that chance.

You could be entitled to receiving maximum compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and for hospital and medical expensesCall our Detroit auto accident lawyers today at 800-638-6722 for a free consultation.

Our Detroit Auto Accident Lawyers Offer Legal Relief

After suffering a debilitating injury, it can be difficult to understand and navigate through an often complex legal process. We work with you, acting on your behalf in and out of court to reach satisfactory settlement results or a positive outcome in a trial. Our Detroit accident lawyers have experience in pedestrian accident claims involving:

  • Improper signage
  • Negligent drivers disobeying Michigan traffic law
  • Drunken driving
  • Cellphone usage
  • Negligent or speeding delivery drivers
  • Poorly maintained properties
  • Debris in roadways

Our Metro Detroit Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights and Recovery

Pedestrians are often able to recover damages caused by negligent drivers. When you choose us to represent you in your pedestrian personal injury case in Michigan, your attorney will start investigating the details of the case and accident to determine how much compensation you may be able to obtain. We are fully capable to take your case to trial by using aggressive strategies. We will use everything at hand; contacting witnesses, working with subject matter experts, uncovering relevant evidence that pertains to your case. Our Michigan personal injury attorneys attend to every detail, doing whatever is necessary to recover the compensation you deserve.

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