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What Makes Semi Truck Accidents Different

A semi truck accident can change you life in an instant. But the laws about tractor trailers are different, so make sure you know how to make the most out of your truck accident claims. Bigger Trucks, Bigger Accidents Physics says that larger vehicle… Read More
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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Accident Victims: Serious Damages Need Serious Consideration

Car accidents are the leading cause of reported traumatic brain injuries. In fact more than half of all reported traumatic brain injuries stem from car accidents. This puts in perspective how dangerous getting into a car or motorcycle wreck can be. S… Read More
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National Truck Accident Fatalities Rise for Third Year in a Row

It appears that trucking companies and their drivers are continuing to blatantly disregard safety regulations and protocols in order to turn a larger profits. In November, the National Transportation and Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) released… Read More
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Weather is No Excuse for Truck Accidents

In truck accident injury cases, truck drivers and the companies they work for often claim that the accident occurred because of weather conditions that were beyond the truck driver’s control. This argument is used as a defense to shirk responsi… Read More
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Sick, Drunk & High — Lax Enforcement of Trucking Regulations Puts Dangerous Truck Drivers on the Road

Most truck drivers may be safe drivers and law-abiding citizens working hard to earn a living. But then there are those that do whatever it takes to stay on the road — even when they shouldn’t be. Several years ago the media ran rampant with stor… Read More
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Truck Driver Shortages Increase Highway Dangers — Initiative to Hire Veterans is a Step in the Right Direction

What happens when trucking companies can’t find enough drivers to haul the billions of dollars in freight shipped by commercial trucks each year? Truck driver shortages cause trucking companies to push existing drivers harder and become less picky… Read More
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What to Do After a Commercial Truck Accident in Michigan

Knowing what to do after a commercial truck accident in Michigan can help greatly in preserving your case and your rights in the event that you need to file a lawsuit. In a commercial truck accident, injuries tend to be more numerous and more severe… Read More
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Accidents with Commercial Trucks in Michigan: What Damages Can Be Recovered?

Car accidents become significantly worse when a commercial truck or tractor-trailer is involved. Their size and weight — a fully loaded semi can weigh over 80,000 pounds — generate forces many times that of cars when involved in a crash. Incapaci… Read More
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7 Reasons Michigan Truck Crashes Must Be Handled by an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Michigan truck crashes often get handled like just another Michigan car accident when accident injury victims employ an attorney who is unfamiliar with the unique laws and circumstances surrounding accidents involving commercial carrier trucks. While… Read More
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