7 Reasons Michigan Truck Crashes Must Be Handled by an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Michigan truck crashes often get handled like just another Michigan car accident when accident injury victims employ an attorney who is unfamiliar with the unique laws and circumstances surrounding accidents involving commercial carrier trucks. While Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws certainly apply to commercial truck accidents in the state, there is much more to be considered that often gets overlooked by lawyers who aren’t trained and experienced in handling truck accident injury cases.
The Detroit truck accident attorneys at Sachs Waldman, P.C. have compiled the following reasons to show why people injured in a crash involving a commercial truck need to hire an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer.

Why Your Michigan Truck Crash Should be Handled by a Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer

  1. Michigan truck crashes do more damage than car crashes

A fully loaded semi can weigh up to 40 tons. With special permits they can weigh even more. Every day thousands of these trucks are rampaging across Michigan highways at speeds up to 55 miles per hour – sometimes more! Because of the tremendous masses and forces involved in a truck crash, these accidents typically result in more severe injuries and death is more likely than crashes involving just cars. This makes it even more critical that crash victims have highly skilled attorneys who can win additional compensation beyond the typical insurance payout for victims or their families.

  1. Trucking is highly regulated

Federal and Michigan laws place many requirements and regulations on truck drivers and trucking companies. They also require truck drivers and trucking companies to keep records to show compliance with these regulations. However, many drivers and companies find these requirements unprofitable and inconvenient, resulting in an unbelievable number of unsafe trucks and drivers on the road. An experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer knows what records to ask for and what to look for when reviewing them. Attorneys unfamiliar with the trucking industry often miss out on these crucial pieces of information. 

  1. Trucking companies are highly skilled at defending against lawsuits

Because so much money is at stake if a trucking company is found liable for a Michigan truck crash, the trucking industry and the insurance companies who insure them, have become extremely adept at protecting themselves and their drivers against lawsuits. From hiring highly skilled defense attorneys to training drivers in how to respond to questioning by police and even hiding evidence, trucking companies go to extreme measures to fight liability lawsuits. Only highly skilled, highly experienced attorneys, like the Detroit truck accident attorneys at Sachs Waldman, P.C. can adequately combat these tactics and hope to win all the compensation owed to victims.

  1. Trucking companies carry more insurance

Because they have more drivers on the road and more dangerous vehicles, trucking companies carry much more insurance than the average driver. Their insurance has higher limits and payouts than regular no-fault automobile insurance. An experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer knows how much to ask for in a liability lawsuit against a trucking company and how much to hold out for. All too often inexperienced attorneys accept a settlement offer too low and injury victims miss out on thousands or even millions of dollars in compensation they could receive. 

  1. Liability for Michigan truck crashes goes beyond the driver

In car crashes, liability is usually limited to the driver at fault. In truck accidents, however, there may be liable parties besides the driver. Usually the trucking company who employs the driver is also liable. Truck manufacturers, part suppliers, maintenance services and other parties may also be liable if the accident occurred due to errors or omissions on their part. An experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer knows to include these parties in a lawsuit and what evidence to look for to determine whether they are liable.

  1. Crucial evidence can be legally destroyed after a short period

After only six months, a trucking company is permitted to destroy driver log books. This critical piece of evidence details how many hours the driver has spent on the road, when they performed maintenance and other crucial information that may show the driver or truck was the cause of the accident. Other important documents can also be destroyed after a relatively short period of time. Not knowing what records to subpoena or waiting too long to subpoena them or even waiting too long to file a lawsuit can result in loss of evidence necessary to prove liability on the part of the driver or trucking company.

  1. Michigan truck crashes are more likely to involve multiple vehicles

Because of the size of commercial trucks, Michigan truck crashes often include three or more vehicles, which usually means several injury victims and multiple lawsuits. This makes legal matters complex and tricky to handle. Experienced attorneys, like the Detroit truck accident attorneys at Sachs Waldman, P.C. can handle these complicated lawsuits and interactions with multiple attorneys and insurance companies smoothly and without mistakes likely to cost injury victims badly needed compensation awards.

In Michigan, the truck accident lawyers at Sachs Waldman, P.C., have the experience and skill to effectively handle your Michigan truck crash case and win you the insurance benefits and additional compensation you need and deserve. Call our Detroit truck accident attorneys at 1-800-638-6722 to schedule a free consultation.

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