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If Injured in a Michigan Drunk Driving Accident, Your Attorney Needs to Know ASAP

In Michigan drunk driving accidents, attorneys should be contacted as soon as reasonably possible by those who’ve been injured or their representatives — even before contacting your Michigan no-fault insurance company. There are several facto… Read More
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Michigan No-Fault Insurance: Coordinated vs. Uncoordinated Coverage

Michigan no-fault insurance policies come in two main varieties: policies with coordinated benefits and policies with uncoordinated benefits. Purchasing the wrong sort of policy could result in increased difficulty getting benefits you’re entitled… Read More
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If You Get in a Michigan Auto Accident, Do Not Sign Releases or Statements from an Insurance Company

If you’ve been involved in a Michigan auto accident, a representative from your insurance company may show up and ask you to sign a release or statement about the extent of your injuries or damage to your vehicle. Under no circumstances should you… Read More
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No-Fault Insurance Allowable Expenses

No-fault insurance companies in Michigan are required to pay all of a claimant’s medical expenses related to injuries sustained in the accident being covered as long as they are reasonable charges for reasonably necessary services and products. Our… Read More
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Does Michigan No-Fault Insurance Protect Against All Lawsuits in an Accident?

Michigan’s no-fault insurance law prohibits suing a properly insured driver in an accident for medical costs or lost wages. However, in serious injury cases, an at-fault driver can be sued for pain and suffering or excess economic loss. When client… Read More
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