If Injured in a Michigan Drunk Driving Accident, Your Attorney Needs to Know ASAP

In Michigan drunk driving accidents, attorneys should be contacted as soon as reasonably possible by those who've been injured or their representatives — even before contacting your Michigan no-fault insurance company. There are several factors that increase an injured person's chances of receiving full compensation for their medical costs, pain and suffering, and loss of income when their Michigan or Detroit auto accident attorney can begin investigating the accident immediately.

For example, one of the parties that may be liable is the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver alcohol. In Michigan, injury victims have a limited amount of time to notify a bar or restaurant of the accident and resulting injuries. A delay in starting the investigation could prevent possible legal action against a liable bar or restaurant if the time limit has expired.

Michigan Drunk Driving Accidents and Your Attorney's Investigation

You may think that the police are the only ones who investigate a drunk driving accident. However, in most cases a police investigation is very limited in scope. Your Michigan no-fault insurance company and Michigan or Detroit personal injury attorney will also conduct their own investigations. While police are looking for someone to charge criminally for the accident and insurance companies are looking for ways to reduce their liability, your attorney is the only one who is on your side. He or she is looking to determine who is liable for your injuries and ensuring that you get fully compensated for your injuries, medical costs and economic losses.

In Michigan drunk driving accidents, attorneys representing injured victims interview eyewitnesses and other people involved in the accident to determine things like whether the drunk driver was the only person at fault, how drunk the diver was, and who served the driver alcohol among other things. Michigan and Detroit personal injury attorneys use this sort of information to ensure they take legal action against everyone responsible for a victim's injuries and ensure that any damages or costs beyond those paid for by the victim's Michigan no-fault insurance company are compensated for.

Contacting your attorney before contacting your Michigan no-fault insurance company can also prevent the insurance company from weaseling out of paying for all your medical costs. Insurance companies often like to persuade injury victims to sign statements about the extent of their injuries before all of the injuries are discovered. They use these statements to avoid paying for treatment to cover injuries discovered after the statement is signed. In a Michigan drunk driving accident, an attorney can help a victim avoid this situation.

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