Michigan Automobile Accidents

If you, or a loved one, have been severely injured in a Michigan automobile accident, you may be facing drastic changes to your lifestyle, crippling financial burdens, and difficult emotional consequences. If another person caused such an injury, you deserve to be compensated fairly for your losses.

How Our Detroit Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Motor vehicle liability cases arise out of automobile and truck crashes. Detroit car accident attorney Brian A. McKenna represents individuals injured in such crashes in bringing an out-of-court claim or in court litigation against the at-fault party or parties, such as the driver/owner of the at-fault vehicle. Due to the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law, any such case must prove that the injured person's injuries have met a "threshold" of death, serious impairment of a body function, and/or permanent serious disfigurement.

Brian will thoroughly examine the facts of your case, and candidly discuss the legal remedies available to you. He understands the serious financial consequences that can result out of a severe injury, and our goal is to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Detroit car accident attorney also can assist with your first party liability claims (also known as No-Fault claims) against your own motor vehicle insurance company for the payment of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits, including: wage loss, medical expenses, attendant care, replacement services, and transportation expenses. These benefits are payable without regard to fault as long as you had insurance on any motor vehicle that you own, which was involved in a collision in which you received injuries, and written proof requirements in regard to these claims. Please view our No-Fault Auto Accident page for additional information.

Attorney Brian A. McKenna also handles other motor vehicle related cases, such as:

Dramshop liability: where the at fault motorist is visibly intoxicated, and was continued to be served alcohol after such visible intoxication was evident.

Highway liability: where the improved portion of the highway had a defect, which caused the injury. There are certain notice requirements regarding the governmental entities actual knowledge or constructive knowledge of the defect before the time of the accident. There are also notice requirements to the governmental entity which had jurisdication of the roadway after the accident occured.

Product liability: where the vehicles themselves have failed to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and caused the crash or further injury to occupants.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Michigan Car Accident Attorney

Our Detroit personal injury law firm has a reputation for vigorously representing the rights and interests of injured persons. Our Michigan car accident attorneys welcome the opportunity to discuss your case, and analyze your specific situation to determine how we may best assist you.

To discuss your Michigan automobile accident case, please contact our personal injury attorneys. For information on past Michigan cases, please view our Case Summaries page. Or, to learn more about bringing a third-party automobile accident claim, please see our Automobile Accidents F.A.Q. section.

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