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Our attorneys have been a legal cornerstone for individuals in Michigan who struggle with personal injury matters for decades. With commitment, loyalty, and in-depth understanding of Michigan law, we pursue appropriate legal action to achieve your desired objectives. Once you retain us, you can leave your worry behind. We take care of you until the very end. Call us to schedule a call at 800-638-6722.


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Taylor, MI - No-Fault/Auto Accidents
Taylor, MI - Automobile Accidents
Taylor, MI - Motorcycle Accidents
Taylor, MI - Trucking Accidents
Taylor, MI - Admiralty/Maritime/Boating Accidents
Taylor, MI - Dangerous Products
Taylor, MI - Slip-and-Fall Accidents
Taylor, MI - Construction Accidents 

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Our attorneys operate on the philosophy of commitment. When you walk through our doors, or talk to us over the phone, you will notice a singular difference that separates us from other firms. In and out of the courtroom, we care about our clients and their goals. View the Strengths of our Downriver Injury Attorneys


From Our Taylor, MI Personal Injury Attorney Blog:

What to Do After a Winter Car Accident in Michigan - Tips from Taylor Personal Injury Attorney Brian McKenna

"Winter car accidents in Michigan can be particularly dangerous compared to accidents in other times of the year because of the additional elements of cold and snow. These factors can create dangers for both injury victims and uninjured drivers and passengers that they would not experience in warmer weather..."

Slip and Fall Injury While Intoxicated

"These days it seems everyone has a slip and fall injury they want to sue someone over. Somehow the message got around that anyone who slips, trips or bumps themselves at the grocery store or other business is entitled to big bucks..."

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