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Can I Sue for Boating Accident Injuries in Michigan?

"Michigan boating accident injuries can be very serious, often causing temporary or permanent disability and devastating a person’s financial stability as medical bills pile up and income halts because of their inability to work. But if the boating accident that caused your injuries was due to someone’s carelessness, neglect or recklessness, you may be able to recover damages that can alleviate the financial hardship of injuries and compensate you for some of the suffering you experience..."

Avoiding Winter Car Accidents in Michigan When You’re Behind the Wheel

"Avoiding winter car accidents in Michigan while driving can be tough. Frequent snowfall and near constant conditions for ice turn the state’s roads into a veritable mine field despite MDOT’s near ceaseless efforts to keep roads clear and dry."

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Are you in the victim of a slip and fall?

Premises liability claims are generally brought as a result of unsafe conditions on property that directly lead to personal injury. While some cases involve a "slip and fall" or "trip and fall," many premises liability claims arise from defective stairs and railings, violation of building codes, violation of leases, as well as substandard materials and workmanship. Learn More

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