Michigan No-Fault Insurance: 5 Tips for Better Recovery of Benefits

Michigan no-fault insurance companies don’t have an unlimited pile of money that they just pass out hand-over-fist to everyone with a car accident claim. In reality, insurance companies are fairly stingy with their money and look for every excuse they can to deny treatment and other expenses claimed by the accident victims they’re supposed to pay benefits to.

This is why it’s very important to have a personal injury lawyer in Michigan whenever you’ve been injured in a Michigan car accident. Your lawyer can help you protect your rights in a variety of ways, including forcing your insurance company to toe the line when it comes to paying the benefits you’re entitled to for your injuries.

The Detroit accident lawyers at Sachs Waldman, P.C. have found that several things are critical to getting the maximum benefits out of insurance companies. By following these five tips, any injury victim will significantly decrease their Michigan no-fault insurance company’s ability to deny legitimate expenses and claims.

5 Tips for Better Recovery of Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits

Get Medical Attention ASAP

If you’ve been in a car accident, get examined by a physician as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for injuries to lay hidden under the mask of adrenaline and excitement at the time of an accident and manifest several hours or days later. Delaying seeing a doctor and discovering an injury days later gives grounds for your insurance company to deny your benefits on the excuse that something other than the crash caused your injuries. While a good personal injury lawyer in Michigan can help you fight this denial, the situation is often avoided by getting prompt medical attention.

Keep Good Records

Michigan no-fault insurance companies require evidence of all treatments and expenses related to your injury before they’ll pay for them. Keep records for all doctor visits, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, laboratory services, therapy, hospital visits, x-rays and any other expense related to your injuries. Record the date of each appointment or service and the amount charged by the providers. It’s also good to keep a daily record of symptoms and pain you experience as well as notes about how your injuries impact your daily life and your relationships. Record this information in a diary or notebook and be sure to include dates for everything you write down. Make photocopies of everything you send to your Michigan no-fault insurance company.

Attend All Medical Appointments

You may think your pain is too great to leave the house and go to that therapy appointment on the scheduled day, but your insurance company will assert that you didn’t go because you didn’t hurt as much as you claim. They may also deny future expenses and claim that your continued suffering is a result of not following your prescribed treatment. At our Detroit accident lawyers’ firm, we’ve seen many patients receive fewer benefits than they should have because they forgot or skipped medical or therapy appointments. Similarly, you should take all medications and perform any at-home therapies prescribed as part of your treatment.

File Application for Benefits and other Documents in Timely Fashion

Michigan law has strict deadlines for filing an application for benefits in regard to a car accident. Failure to apply for benefits within one year after the accident can result in losing all your benefits. Michigan no-fault insurance companies, however, usually have even tighter deadlines. Failure to meet those deadlines can result in loss of some benefits. It’s important to apply for benefits right away and find out what deadlines you must meet to receive all the benefits you’re entitled to. Your personal injury lawyer in Michigan can help you get those dates if you have trouble getting the insurance company to tell you.

Involve Your Attorney from the Beginning

Your personal injury lawyer in Michigan can help you secure more benefits in a variety of ways, from advising you on what mistakes to avoid and protecting your rights against your Michigan no-fault insurance company to helping you win additional compensation in court. However, the way is always easier, the rewards greater and attorney fees less expensive if you involve your lawyer right from the beginning. It’s easier and less expensive to avoid a mistake or prevent a violation of rights before they happen than it is to fix or fight them afterwards.

The Detroit accident lawyers’ firm of Sachs Waldman, P.C., can assist you in getting more benefits from your Michigan no-fault insurance company than you could on your own. Call our personal injury lawyers in Michigan at 1-800-638-6722 to schedule a free consultation.

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