Detroit Lawyer Explains the Differences between Motorcycle and Auto Crashes

As motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan, we've seen many motorcyclists surprised and alarmed at how difficult it can be to get reimbursed for medical care and lost wages when they have an accident on their motorcycle.

Michigan’s no-fault insurance law does not apply to motorcycles. It applies only to motor vehicles, and motorcycles are not considered motor vehicles in Michigan. Although no-fault insurance is not required for motorcycles, the minimum liability insurance required by state law will not cover the motorcyclist’s own injuries.

However, in Michigan, if the accident involved a car, the motorcyclist is entitled to receive no-fault benefits even if the motorcyclist only has minimum liability insurance. Our Detroit personal injury attorneys have helped secure medical and lost wage compensation for many motorcyclists who did not have their own Michigan no-fault insurance. State law guarantees these benefits for anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, except the owner of an uninsured vehicle. However, it is often necessary to hire the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan to ensure that you receive them and receive all that you’re entitled to.

Even if no car or truck is involved in a motorcycle accident, personal injury benefits may still be available to an injured motorcyclist. However, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan will be needed to help you secure those benefits because of the complexities of state law and the reluctance of insurance companies to pay out benefits.

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Recommend Additional Insurance for Motorcycles

Although they aren’t required by state law, our Detroit personal injury attorneys strongly recommend purchasing additional insurance for motorcycles:

Increased liability coverage – The minimum liability insurance required by Michigan law is almost never enough to cover all that a motorcyclist can be liable for in an accident if he or she is at fault. Having adequate liability coverage ensures that an accident doesn’t destroy a motorcyclist’s financial stability.

Personal Injury Protection – PIP is similar to no-fault insurance for motor vehicles in that it provides medical benefits and wage loss benefits in the event of a motorcycle accident regardless of who is at fault. You’ll be assured of receiving personal injury benefits even if no car is involved or if you are at fault. Usually, if you have PIP, benefits are received sooner and require less legal wrangling to secure than without it. Since this insurance is not required by law, terms and benefit amounts will vary with different carriers.

Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Coverage – Unfortunately, not every driver carries the insurance coverage required by state law. IF you get in an accident with one of these drivers, medical costs and lost wages can be difficult and it will probably require the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan. Uninsured/Underinsured driver coverage ensures that you have a source from which to legally recover medical costs and lost wages if injured in a motorcycle accident.

The most important thing to remember is that if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, as long as you’re not the owner of an uninsured motorcycle, there are medical and lost wage benefits available. This is regardless of who is at fault or whether you have Michigan no-fault insurance.

The personal injury firm of Sachs Waldman, P.C., can assist in getting you the benefits you’re entitled to for your motorcycle accident injuries from the appropriate Michigan no-fault insurance company. Call our Detroit personal injury attorneys’ office at 1- 1-800-638-6722 to schedule a free consultation with a highly qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan.

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