Paralyzed NY Woman awarded $66 million in lawsuit against Cybex International

A New York woman has won a $66 million jury award for injuries she suffered in a workplace accident. The award is believed to be the single largest personal injury award in Western New York history.

Six years ago, Natalie Barnhard was left paralyzed after a 600 leg extension machine made by Cybex International, Inc. fell on top of her and broke her vertebrae. She allegedly placed her hand over the machine as she stretched her shoulder; Cybex maintains that she pulled the machine over onto herself. The 30-year old former physical therapist was left paralyzed after the incident took place at Amherst Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

The verdict was apportioned 75% to Cybex, 20% to Amherst Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and 5% to the plaintiff. The company is responsible to pay 49.5 million dollars of the judgment, but has only less than $4 million in insurance coverage. If the verdict stands, it can bankrupt Cybex. Cybex will appeal the verdict that is in favor or Barnhard.

Now 30, Barnhard has undergone extensive rehab and has regained some use of her arms and she vows to continue rehab and says "My fight to gain strength and independence is not over".

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