Three-vehicle accident may result in trucking accident lawsuit

A three-vehicle automobile accident involving a tractor-trailer and two recreational vehicles ignited a fire and injured one person on a New Jersey turnpike.

According to police, the chain-reaction automobile accident occurred when a tractor-trailer rear-ended an RV that was towing a car in the right lane. The RV then slammed into a second camper that was traveling in front of the RV. The automobile accident ruptured fuel tank ignited a fire that engulfed the two rear-vehicles.

Five occupants of the two RVs managed to escape the wreckage safely. The driver of the tractor-trailer had to be pulled from the wreckage before he was burned. The semi-truck driver was injured and reportedly sustained a broken arm as a result of the automobile accident.

The tractor-trailer driver then went into diabetic shock, in which responding emergency crews had to revive him. He was then rushed to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton where he is in good condition.

Investigations into the chain-reaction three-vehicle automobile accident are underway.

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