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Worker awarded $16.6 million after construction accident causes injury

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In 2006, Antoni Acevedo was working at an Opa-locka warehouse when a 20 foot fall caused him to lose his memory and become paralyzed.

Acevedo and other construction workers were required to work on the roof and deck of the building although the roof was crumbling and there was a no-entry order by the company that had occupied the building. While working one day, the deck below him collapsed, causing him to fall 20 feet onto a concrete floor. The accident fractured his spine and skill resulting in a three month coma. He awoke to find himself paralyzed and without his memory.

Because of the contruction company's negligence in allowing employees to work on a roof and deck of poor condition, a personal injury suit was filed instead of worker's compensation. Acevedo was awarded $16.6 million for damages including wage lost and pain and suffering.

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