Sponge left inside C-section patient yields $525K verdict in medical malpractice case

A young mother, Erin Webster, who retained a sponge for over two months after a C-section won a $525,000 verdict against Lower Bucks Hospital and her treating nurses, but not her obstetrician. After giving birth to a baby girl on March 30, the mother experienced abdominal pain, which persisted until June 10, the next time she was able to see her doctor.

Webster had staples removed by Dr. Richard Turner on April 9, and registered a complaint of abdominal pain. Turner gave Webster a CT scan at St. Mary Medical Center on June 18, which also revealed a perforatad bowel along with the detected sponge.

Turner said the C-section nurses, Megan Blatcher and Laura Tedesco, clearly made a counting error one of the three times they accounted for 25 surgical spones used in Webster's delivery. Turner also said he would have referred Webster to a hospital if she had communicated the seriousness of her abdominal pain to him earlier.

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