Sterile pads used in hospital kill toddler; parents sue on the basis of product liability

Sandra and Shanoop Kothari recently filed a product liability lawsuit against a Triad Group claiming that the company's alcohol swabs and swab sticks were contaminated and caused an infection that killed their two-year-old son.

The child was treated with Triad alcohol pads and swabs after a surgery to remove an arachnoid cyst. The child developed the infection immediately after being treated with the alcohol prep pads and swabs, which had been recalled in January of this year - four weeks after his death in December. The recall was issued after determining that the product might have been contaminated with Bacillus cereus. Before the recall, these Triad products were commonly used in hospitals and packaged under many different labels such CVS.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Bacillus cereus causes about two percent of food borne illnesses but is not commonly found in hospital settings. It usually causes diarrhea; while serious injury and death are rare.

After the infection was discovered, the Kotharis were told that they had only a few moments to spend with their son. The two-year-old died in December due to multi-organ failure caused by the Bacillus cereus virus.

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